God is Good: Part 1 Tales From The Great Beyond To The Great Before – Creation is BC Destruction is AD

Everyone wonders about the Great Beyond Few Think About The Great BEFORE

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By Frank Adeche www.netchurch.com.ng     https://web.facebook.com/frank.adeche.9

Warning This Article in no way trys to Explain God and His Purpose  for Mankind and Comments and Critique Are Accepted Freely with Love . The most powerful force Man can never Force.

BC we were taught in History Class means Before Christ or in my own thinking Before Creation not before Birth not Birthday and AD After Disciples in my own thinking also After Destruction .. Not Death Destruction of The Body but Death Destruction For Ever

In The Beginning God Created The Heavens and The Earth .. The Earth was without Form and Void

And God Said … Let There Be Light

Scientists have actually said Light came after thr Big bang .We must acknowledge Scientists for their ability to Fantasize what the Bible has said millions and millions and billions of years ago  especially when God says A million years is as a day and a day is a million years to him

in the beginning There was a Big Bang .. The Universe was without Form and Void of The Earth .All big bangs that explode Destroy and all silent “bangs”  implode . Explosions are Futuristic while implosions tend to travel back in time ? Yes No ? Lets go on …

This Being God Let us understand one Single Thing Before This Article progreeses. He Allowed me to Write This .I take NO Glory in this Rather IF This is indeed a Revelation or  Blaspemation It may come with Dire consequences For me . God have mercy as we TryTo Understand  The Mind of God .

If God Had NOT created The Devil would we Appreciate being Spoken into life ? Would we appreciate if The Devil had Created The Devil ?
And Yes The Devil has Created The Devil for Out of The Devil Sin Came and The Original Sin is Dis Obedience to The Creator and Anything that is disobedinet to the creator is disobedient to his creations and if you are disobedient soon you will want to be Obidient and Destroy That whom you are disobedient to so that you now become the Obidient that people angels stars will OBEY !

But God Did NOT create The Devil He Created Lucifer A Super Angel who became Satan . Everything God created was Good

But God created Jealousy Hate Death Murder and Sin.For i tge Lord i am a jealous God !
For Long Before us There was War in Heaven . A War in which nobody Dies is Not a War.This war started because of Jealousy.  I want to be like the most high . In Gods realm Which is ALL REALMS nothing Changes

Except Men ?

Men (and women of course) want CHANGE They want to be like God !

Is that wrong is it bad to aspire to be like Who made you ? Well on Earth you have been programmed to take DOMINION am not so sure about MARS

Maybe the moon which revolves around us is part of our Dominion Real Estate

We are Gods estate agents . O yea we are !  Do we get a commission We sure do and Should lol

But No body Dies when We Are All souls who have a Spirit that Lives in our Body

But Where are our Souls ? If We Think we Own our Spirits God owns our souls ! Our souls are With God but our Spirits are with us while we Live !

Imagine you have a Bank Account Your Bank is your Body and what is inside your Bank is your Bank Account and What is inside your bank account is your Soul ? Your Bank Account contains a Value From 0 To infinity in this case Eternity .. So our souls Are Eternal

We can Trransfer All we have in our Bank Accounts into another Body another Bank As What does it Profit a Man if He Gains the Whole World and loses his soul ? Fact is no one can lose their souls WE CANT LOSE WHAT WE DONT OWN ! This was a Question Jesus asked

If your Spirit and Body Exist Then where is your Soul in yoour Bank Account

The Ability to use what is in your Bank Account now becomes your Soul

No one Knows What They have until They Lose it ! And Sadly when we Die We find out We never had Anything

If God did not give us Life Where would we be ? With God !

But where do we want to be ? ON Earth ! Nobody Really Wants To Die !

Part 1 By Frank Adeche www.netchurch.ng

But Why did God Create Earth as Hell ? and Why God Created Hate Death Sin Devils Angels and You …

Part 2 is coming


The Final Solution Kill One Jew !


Behold a Virgin shall be With Child and He shall be Called Emmanuel  God with us !




The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ The Love of God and The FELOWSHIP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT !


May Grace keep our Body Love Keeps our Souls and Fellowship Keep our Spirits !

Visual Verse of the Day

“God covers the heavens with clouds, provides rain for the earth and makes grass sprout on the mountains.” Psalm 147:8

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